Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

The Little Pink Pill Is Almost Here

The FDA really wants to approve Sprout Pharmaceuticals' Addyi (lady Viagra), dahrlings, but they aren't sure it actually sprouts results. The last test logged half an orgasm. (I leave that with you to ponder.)

Honestly, Pumpkins, waiting for the little pink pill has been almost as agonizing as waiting to hear if TravelBrands is or isn't financially flaccid. The creditor protection is just a prophylactic to fix a small problem, dahrlings, worth millions.

Some people say Sears was a well-known albatross. The Eglinton lease a canard. The foul parts of the deal needed to be culled. etc. I understand. Just strikes me as a bit of Frankie come lately. Might this all not have happened before launching into a new company?

The question on everybody's minds is, can you claim 'business as usual' when you are not legally bound to pay creditors? It's expecting a lot of goodwill – which, thankfully, the boys do breed.

Frankly, Pumpkins, It takes some serious landing gear to be willing to air your dirty laundry like this. And if anyone can come out the other end with clean underwear, it's these guys.

But gosh, dahrlings, as my Babcia used to say, it's so much harder to stuff the sausage once the seal's been broken.

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