Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Carry On! It’s OK. Really.

As all good citizens of the airline world, IATA could not resist the tug of the lug. The tow of the tote. The lure of luggage. The trap of the sack. You get my drift, dahrlings.

Yes, Pumpkins, the baggage brouhaha has reached the highest echelons of travel. IATA has decreed their “Cabin OK" carry-on specifications to be A-OK. Look how proud they are. Holding up their little blue perfectly sized package with the IATA stamp of approval.

Sell it, boys!

Does it mean your clients have to run out and buy 55 x 35 x 20 cm carry on? No. It's simply a guideline as to the optimum size, dahrlings. Not the maximum size. You see the difference, right?

It's like a man arriving at your door with a stamp of approval on his carry-with indicating he is of optimal dimensions. “I'm OK!" He is not necessarily sized to your maximum allowable dimensions. As always, that's up to the carrier's own tendencies and preferences.

It's really amazing, dahrlings, that in all my years of riding aircraft I've managed to function without a worldwide association's ruling on my optimum sizing. Thank goodness for IATA.

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