Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Prank Calls Are For Kids

My neighbour's kids keep calling to ask if my fridge is running. I always fall for it, Pumpkins. Mostly because I hate warm vodka. They snort with giggles when they get to drop the 'go catch it' bombshell.

Ah, good times. Little brats.

Do the caca brains calling WestJet about a possible bomb on their planes think that's funny? The sick part is the airlines have no choice but to 'fall for it'. Even if it's a 12 year old with bad acne and a cell phone showing off to his nerd-mates.

Now, I'm not one for corporal punishment -- unless it's amongst a group of consenting adults who have signed a waiver and brought their own rubber sheeting -- but let's face it, dahrlings, whoever is doing this should be castrated. We don't want them producing any more oxygen sucking morons.

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