Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

A Selfie Ban? I’m All A Twitter!

Kid me not, Pumpkins. Have the gods of narcissism looked upon this land and said “though shalt not selfie"? Am I to no longer be subjected to obscenely disfigured poses of self-indulgent twits showing the world what they ate, where they slept, who they slept with and what monument they are voguing in front of? Praise Zeus.

Yes, Pumpkins, today the EU will vote to pass a Freedom of Panorama law which will require the gaggles of tourists lifting their selfie sticks to bag self+building to have permission from the architect. Honest to Betsy. Otherwise it is an infringement of copyright.

Twitty tourists who post those pics on social media will be liable for civil penalties and even jail. That'll wilt those rods faster than you can say 'look at me!'.

Now, I don't like selfies any more than anyone with an ounce of self-respect. But jail seems a tad harsh, dahrlings, for littering the universe with one's ego.

There are worse offenses. Like constantly writing about oneself and using “I" in every sentence … um.. uh… …wait a minute, could I be arrested?

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