Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

The a, b, c’s Of Little Letter Branding

Lower case is so hot right now, dahrlings. i love it. It’s so … alphabet.

Whether it’s CARNIVAL CORP’S fathom or AIR CANADA’s rouge, today’s branding is all about what your letters say about you.  We are meant to ask ourselves: 'who are you in your lower case littleness, you wacky small letterer, you?'

Personally, I think a small letter at the beginning of a brand’s name says: “Look at me. i am humble. I don’t flaunt my Upper Case.”  Let’s face it, Pumpkins, upper/lower and italic fonts are so yesterday.

What a lost opportunity it was when WestJet named their regional Encore. Think of the PR strides in ‘encore’. You see it, don’t you?

And so versatile. Brands can take a letter out of Apple’s repertoire and mix & match cases – like iPad. So you’d have rOuge. Nice. Or eNcore. Which clearly says ‘I am small letter cool, but I have a really big “N”’.

Oh! Oh! I know! iVanna. Huh? Eh? Do you love it? It just screams I have a large V.

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