Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Maybe There’s Something To All This Dreary Data

In the time it takes for a corporate air travel RFP to grind its way through the machine, a human life can be conceived (34 seconds), gestated (40 weeks) and delivered! That’s way too freakin’ long pumpkins. But, that’s what the CWT Solutions Group says a corporate air deal takes to process - 9 months or more. Holy paper-pushing Pumpkins!

CWT and DL have come to the rescue with help from the white knight of the digital age – an algorithm. Don’t ask me Pumpkins: I once knew an Aldo with the raunchy rhythm of a Roman waiter, but the algorithm method is Greek to me (Persian to be precise). But if math can save the world without me breaking a nail, then maybe there’s something to this big data, Boolean bot binary BS the beanie-heads blather about.

And what’s with DL so blue skying it these days? They’re also using their data in a decidedly un-airline way. They are promising to compensate their corporate account darlings financially should their operational performance fall below that of its top competitors. They’re even working to ensure their favourite biz flyers get preferential treatment in case of delay or cancellation.

Hearing this shocking news, one of our darling and normally demure dinkettes got herself into a total tizzy shouting she’s “so overwhelmed by bullshit unwieldy processes and shit technology” that she wants to give DL a big smooch on the nose cone.

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