Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

I'm Banning Together

Goodness, Pumpkins. I just read that in memory of a dear old lion the airlines have decided to ban together and ban trophy wives! Hear! Hear! Those women have caused more trouble than a camcorder at a hospitality suite and should be forbidden to travel. Ha. That’ll teach ‘em. And while we’re at it, let’s ban dickless dentists with guns from the human race. Just sayin’.

Speaking of banning together, or not, the Norma Rae moment at WestJet came and left with a whimper. As just over half the pilots turned down the union call, Gregg's 'phew' could be heard all the way to Bay Street. I’m not saying unions don’t have a place in the cockpit (in fact, I’ve consummated a few myself) but maybe owners shouldn’t unionize against themselves.

In the “is it a plane?” department, scientists have sourced a paint chip down to the manufacturer but they can’t say for sure if salvaged airplane seats, windows and wings are or aren’t part of MH370? Try looking at the ‘l-o-g-o’.

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