Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Brought To You By The Letter “C”

I love a C word as much as the next news hog, but good golly, Pumpkins, this summer’s travel headlines could use with a wider alphabet. The 3 C’s dominating (enough mistress!) the news  -- Crystal Cruises and Cuba – are risking major celebrity overexposure. (I mean who can handle another grinny picture of Jennifer Aniston? Poor thing. Forever labeled as the Brad dumpee.)

But I digress. Point is that aside from some stinky Caribbean seaweed, a smelly resort meltdown in Bahamas and a German attack on GDS systems, the last 2 months have been usurped by a cruise ship and a communist island. Oh, and lest I forget, Dave McCaig leaving ACTA. And Brad Miron leaving TravelBrands (although I doubt many of you know who Brad is. More of a backroom guy. As opposed to Dave, who loved being a front man. Or a front, as some might say.)

Of course it’s no surprise that Cuba is front and centre, dahrlings. The crumbling of a 50-year U.S. embargo is reshaping the Caribbean tourism industry faster than you can say que pasa?

And the Crystal story is big. The manifestation of Edie’s dream of ‘the little luxury line that could’ must have her C spot just a quiver. I know mine is just thinking about all those big toys: Ocean ships. River vessels. Luxury yachts. A Dreamliner…oh wait, another one. That powerhouse of a woman makes Donald Trump look media-shy. 

What can one say, dahrlings, but Viva Cuba! Viva Crystal! Turismo o muerte!


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