Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Gravity Is A Cruel Lover

It’s a tragic tale, Pumpkins, of 2 star-crossed lovers. Overcome by passion as they visit a picturesque French castle off the coast of Normandy, the couple shed their inhibitions, discard their clothing, and make love on the battlements. Who hasn’t been there, dahrlings? There’s something about ramparts and parapets that brings out the fortifications in a man.

Hello Romeo! Even without a torn bodice it's a Harlequin cover. Now the tragic part: the French couple fell off mid-coupling - plunging to their death in the castle moat. The moral of the story is do not recommend this activity to your white bread Canadian clients from the burbs.

The sad story brings to mind another of this week’s tales of woe. The plunging saga of fledgling airline SkyGreece -- a one-plane wonder that delayed a recent departure for 4 days (4 days) before finally taking off.

The airline has ‘temporarily’ suspended operations. Seen that movie, Pumpkins. And it doesn’t end well. It’s the same old love story – aviation-obsessed man falls head over heels with thrust and lift, forgetting it’s all about yield. (Although, as we all know, sometimes a bit of thrust can yield a nice lift. Just sayin’.)  The point is, Pumpkins, how does this keep happening? Who gives these Bondian wannabees a license to fly? And, finally, why do we sell them? Ah well, as that lovable nerd Albert Einstein put it: “You can’t blame gravity for falling in love.”

And from the rumour mill: TravelBrands and the landlord of 72 Eglinton Ave. East have apparently shaken hands. I'm waiting for the official announcement before I stop holding my breath. On the 'phew' front, I’m hearing that Air Canada rouge is pulling the A319’s from YVR this spring and putting in Air Canada mainline back on LAX and SFO. California types obviously just don't get how cute rouge is. 

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