Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

I Can’t Help It!

Good lord, Pumpkins. How many times have you heard that sorry ass alibi? "I can't help It!" It’s such a lame excuse, it needs an excuse for the excuse. The last time I caught my husband with his pants around his ankles and his pretext in the cook’s exception, he shouted “I couldn’t help it! She was there!"

SkyGreece’s Ken Stathakis ought to be flanked with a kabob skewer. To quote his thoughtful statement: "I cannot help it, I couldn't do anything." Maybe he needs his diaper changed.

Honestly, dahrlings, if I think about it, we are the pathetic ones. We do an appalling job of educating the public. It's no wonder the media have to resort to travel naif come blowalot, Gabor Lukacs. He told the Toronto CBC this morning that consumers have protection with TICO but "that's about it". The missing link being that you have to have booked with a travel agent. And no mention of the fact that TICO is already receiving claims for the unused portion of the ticket. [What would that be, about $1.50?] 

Point is, Pumpkins, why aren't we the ones sounding the alarm & pushing the Canadian Transportation Commission to act?????? It's such an obvious question that no one has the answer. We are like some emasculated Greek statue that stands and watches this shit go down. ACTA sends out a tsk tsk article that was already in all the media earlier that day. 

Well never mind. Let's just all sit on our hands and hope for the best. After all, we can't help it.

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