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CTA Judges Wake Up

A loud “duh!” could be heard along Ottawa’s corridors yesterday, dahrlings, as the judges at the Canadian Transportation Agency dusted off their mandate and figured out they are supposed to go after SkyGreece.

[The last order they gave was simply to get SkyGreece to tell Gabor they hear his pain. No doubt the thousand stranded pax were relieved to hear that.]

The judges can be forgiven, Pumpkins, they’re old. And these things take time. And they have to find their teeth. It's taken a week, to be precise. To work out that they are supposed to ensure that air carriers abide by the terms and conditions of their respective tariffs -- i.e. to fly their a-e-r-o-p-l-a-n-e.

Is it me, dahrlings, or is that pretty basic?

But not to worry, Pumpkins, the toothless order they have issued is for real. They mean it this time. At least they think so. Preliminary, at least.

Honestly, dahrlings, the stuff is so good you have to read it for yourselves:

with explanatory addendumdi from Ivanna Gabbalot

In its press release dated August 28, 2015, SkyGreece recognizes that passengers have been affected by its decision to temporarily suspend all operations. [excellent powers of observation]

However, SkyGreece refers passengers to their travel agents to arrange for alternate travel and/or accommodations. [why not]

It appears from this press release that SkyGreece may not have complied with its tariff, which requires SkyGreece to present passengers with specified options. [it does appear that way]

The tariff does not permit SkyGreece to simply refer passengers to their travel agents. Indeed, it is possible that passengers may not even have reserved their travel through travel agents. [these guys are whip smart]

Given that SkyGreece cannot offer passengers the choice to travel on another of its scheduled flights or on a different routing, as it has temporarily ceased all operations, it must, according to its tariff, offer passengers other options, including transportation using the services of another carrier or refunding passengers’ tickets. Based on the complaints received by the Agency, SkyGreece appears not to have made such options available. [save me. I haven't seen brains like that in action since Kermit figured out Bert & Ernie like to rub their duckies together]

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