Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

I Do Love A Good Do

So I put on my best rubber reinforced thong and make the rounds:  a cocktailly product launch, a training academy, a few mix & mingles -- and lo and behold, dahrlings, they are chock-a-block with travel agents.

Like little Pumpkin possums, everyone’s busily collecting brochures and stocking up for the winter. And they said we’re dead! At ACV’s Dream Makers do the place was so packed, I launched myself into the hangar’s mosh pit and didn’t hit the ground ‘til the front door. (At one point I think I landed on Eamonn’s head – which is where the rubber comes in handy – ‘cause I bounced right off, skimmed the top of Amr’s shiny pate and steadied myself on Michael’s cheeks.)

Although I’ve avoided the golf circuit, I understand there have been ballsy moments there as well. Mme Zeina Gedeon, ball bester extraordinaire, made a guest appearance at the TravelBrands one. (The bros apparently kept their clubs well tucked.)

And speaking of a hole-in-one, WestJet outdid themselves with a press simul-launch in 6 cities at once.That takes some wide body coordination. (Although I think they overshot the mark because local city papers all thought they were the only ones getting the LGW bound plane.) The cuddly carrier wants to take a bite out of AC on the U.K. corridor with low fares - as demonstrated by Dave The Dog. Not sure AC will sit for that. Down boy. 

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