Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Keep Your Fingers Where I Can See Them

The business world has gone to hell in a cell phone, dahrlings. People are so distracted, dates, times, places have no meaning. I followed up with IATA yesterday on a deadline they’d given me for October 1st... and they said, “Oh, is it October already?”

And the invention of texting has pretty much put an end to all social life on the planet. Competing with a piece of technology is not a battle I’ve ever won. It’s no wonder there’s an anti-fubbing movement out there. Or is it phubbing? Like ‘snubbing’, but with a phone -- where someone pays more attention to their phone than to you. Gives “hey buddy, my eyes are up here” a whole new meaning. What are you going to write that’s so compelling while holding a drink and pawing my knee?

Frankly, Pumpkins, with the way fingers are flying in all the wrong places, it may as well be fubbing. (Not touching that one any more than I have to.)

I’m rather tired of bouncing off rubber brained emails, dahrlings. And the typos! You need to be a mind-reader. PEOPEL! PULL OUT YOUR FINGERS AND PHOCUS!

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