Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Do I Hear A WooHoo For Air Rovinescu?

With the direction my chin has chosen, Pumpkins, I'm thinking of adding a niqab to my wardrobe. A hint of the mysterious is an asset - dance of the 7 veils and all that - especially when one's assets are no longer delivering marital gains. 

I really don't know what all the fuss is about. Barbara Eden wore a veil in I Dream Of Genie and nobody thought she was hiding a bomb under there. 

And let's face it, dahrlings, if we're going to help Air Canada fill those Dreamliners from all corners of the globe, we have to adopt a more international attitude, n’est-ce pas?

Calin's Herculean dream of becoming a global super power gives me goosebumps (although it could be cellulite.) Point is, Pumpkins, I'm all over his big plane plan. The only stick in the camel dung is the name. What I mean is, the ‘shiny new airline’ excitement for the crowds in destination comes to a flaccid droop when they hear ‘Air Canada’ -- all they hear is “Air Wimpy Country”.  (We can thank Stephen Harper for giving us all a leg up with that branding.)

They can be forgiven, dahrlings, for they know not that Air Canada is an award winning airline with stupendous service and they should be thanking their lucky stars we’re a comin’! May I suggest a change to Air Rovinescu. Very exotic. And manly, too.

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