Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Where The Fakawi?

I awoke yesterday morning thinking that last martini grey goosed me into a time warp, Pumpkins. There was a Trudeau as Prime Minister and an exalted Mary Magdalene-esque wife at his side. Where the fakawi?

No doubt the blessed couple will be yoga prancing, sage smudging and chanting their 'we are so beautiful' mantra through Sussex Drive faster than you can say Camelot. 

But, exorcizing those Harper demons will take more than some candles and tinker bells, dahrlings. 

Ten years of occupation means the dust mites are well fatted on Harper skin. (I hear there was a full molt about once a year). I imagine the PMO will spring for a new mattress. I don't think Stevie ever used the toilet, so at least that's a safe zone. 

The question is, Pumpkins, where will this new weed smoking, hooker loving prime minister take us? I mean those are obviously great qualities right there, but what will junior do for travel? We need to introduce a getouttahere stimulation package: mandatory 6 week holidays like in the EU. It's an investment in outfrastructure that will pay off handsomely. 

A rested workforce is a productive workforce. More babies are conceived when couples are relaxed, helping to offset the aging population. And Canadian airlines, tour operators and travel agents might actually make some money. It's a win win win. Let's call it Bill C-U-In-6. It's got my vote. 

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