Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Et Tu WestJet?

According to our American cousins at ASTA, WestJet has relocated to the U.K., Pumpkins. They reported it in their aptly named ‘SmartBrief’ and I quote “Low-cost British carrier WestJet will eliminate its seat-back entertainment systems for flights longer than three hours and 20 minutes.” Does Greg know?

I had a husband like that. Only discovered he moved out after a neighbour saw him shopping for sheets at Harrods. And just when we thought we got the Brits out of our travel systems. Is it not enough, dahrlings, that we are still dishing through Thomas Cook left-overs?

In other news, I bet the sports world’s spell check is reeling with how many “i”s to put in Friisdahl. Boy, I did not see that one coming, Pumpkins. Who knew Michael Friisdahl’s a closet jock? Although, if you think about it, what better street cred for a Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment prez than having stick handled his way through the offensives of the Canadian travel industry? A check from a competitor, off the boards pricing, a hotel power play and, of course, the nail-biting winter shoot out. The pugilistic owners at Rogers and Bell know not what they are in for! (Can Flemming skate?)

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