Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

What’s Colour Got To Do With It?

Someone sent me an email showing a frustrated looking Sikh saying “Hey, Dude! We're the 7-11 guys, not the 9/11 guys!”

That says it all, doesn’t it? We westerners really are such a dim lot when it comes to skin colour and head coverings. If scarves and a tanned hide had any relationship to psycho tendencies, all of California would be locked up. Now those are scary people. And they’re after our water!

Through all the horrors of the last month, pumpkins, I never tired of hearing our leaders tell us to “remain vigilant”. It sounds as useful as my babcia’s advice to never go home with a six-fingered Albanian real-estate developer. (Sage advice which has served me well, I can tell you. Whew!)

Frankly, dahrlings, I’m really not sure what is to be gained by my remaining in a state of vigilance, other than ulcers. (I can just see the notice running through Isis strongholds “Stop all murderous plans! Ivanna is on alert!”)

There’s really only one thing to be done in the face of worldwide hopelessness (besides drinking copious amounts of cheap vodka) – keep travelling. 

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