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IATA Says Women Should Be On Top

That silver fox, IATA’s Director General, Tony Tyler, is a hip cat, Pumpkins. Most men his age aren’t big on women riding the cockpit but he has made a public call for more airline women to be on top. Hear! Hear!

Personally, I find the position infinitely gratifying. None of that lying about while they figure out if speed is the key. (It’s not like lighting a fire in boy scouts, dahrlings.)

Women like taking control. Take Hilary. She can straddle a podium as well as any man (not at the same time, dahrlings. She's not superwoman ). But she's as tough as Merkel. And she's light years smarter than Trump (as are most 5 year olds, but we're not here to bash one particular man) -- point is, Hilary, like all brilliant women, is penalized for not having a Y chromosome. 

Of the 248 airlines worldwide, Pumpkins, only 12 are run by women. We don't have stats on the retail front, but we all know who does the heavy lifting. 

Now don't get me wrong, dahrlings. I think men have have their place in business. As long as they wear clingy pants and know when to replace the toner cartridge. I think Tony should put his gender where his mouth is and endorse a woman to head up IATA. 


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