Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Bah Humbug!

There’s a brilliant trend out and about on the interweb this Christmas, Pumpkins. I’m receiving darling little holiday emails that go something like this: “A Warm Christmas Greeting To You & Yours. But, seriously, our product is fabulous, book something.”

Really? Can you not hold back your urge for self-flattery long enough to at least simulate earnestness? I married someone like that once. His pressing urge to blandish himself was perpetually overtaking his chinos.

And speaking of spankings, the Liberals have outlawed them, dahrlings. Fifty Shades aficionados must be apoplectic. Trudeau senior had wisely said the state has no place in the bedrooms of consenting adults (though many had made room for his state) – now here is junior messing with the buckles that bind liberal thinking. Poor Sophie.

I’ll try not to let these disappointments dampen my Christmas spirit, Pumpkins. After all, so many of you are out there like merry elves cobbling travel miracles for your clients. Baking a vacation fruitcake, of sorts. Perhaps not on the scale of WestJet and Air Canada’s holiday giving, but when someone finally lands on that beach, sips that first margarita and climbs into a fresh resort bed for wild suntan lotion scented abandon, who do they think of?

Merry Christmas Everyone!! Yes, and please do take this moment to review all my previous fabulous work. It's all wonderfully entertaining and amusing. As am I. You can order signed copies of my portrait below. 

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