Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

There’s Nothing To Fear But Lack Of Fear Itself

I’ve never thought of industry folks as the sang froid types, dahrlings. But you’re all exceedingly calm during what strikes me as a cliché in the making. 'The perfect storm’ comes to mind (there’s probably more, but, at the end of the day, I hate clichés, not to put too fine a point on it.)

Loopy loonie. Good weather. Ugly economy. A load of air seats. A flood of staterooms. Need I go on?

Am I the only one seeing this? Where’s the panic? The hand wringing? The drinking? 

There’s no benefit in staying calm here, people. Unless of course you have sales. I hadn’t considered that, quite frankly. 

Looking at AC's just released 'record' results, they certainly aren't suffering for sales. Kudos to them for rising above this shit storm, Pumpkins. The rest of us are down heeere! Can you hear me Calin? It's not just Bombardier who could use some cash! Although I can't blame you for going shopping, dahrling. Those are very cute little planes that Porter has no use for.

Maybe it’s just me whose winter bookings are lower than a grasshopper’s balls? On the bright side, this winter funk is a fresh opportunity to really nail down the summer season. Rivers and the Med and all that. Um… wait a minute ... aren’t we having a bit of a bump over the Bosphorus? A few sticky wickets in Europe? 

Perhaps a bit of a panic might not be a bad thing, dahrlings. All together now, in the immortal words of the great Lucy Ricardo “Waaaaaaah!”

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