Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Celebrating International Women

It's international women's day, Pumpkins, and I've been asking myself if I know any international women -- besides Kim Catrall, of course.

To think that Justin Trudeau's mother went on to become that beacon of lust in Sex in The City is really something to celebrate, dahrlings.

Every year everyone starts harping about equality and equal pay - and lord knows I've always supported women being on top. But the thing of it is, as most of you know, women make babies and that skews the numbers.

But for those of us without the mommy gene – and there are many in travel – why are so few in charge? Let me count the dames.

There's our very own beacon of international sensuality, Vanessa Lee. She cruised into Canada and brought the industry to the bow and if CLIA doesn’t give her that award this year for being a wake-blazer I’m boycotting them for being too white. Or something. #V4CLIA!

And if you want to talk payload, we have a woman who can take on any man's brain parts, that international summation trigonometric achievement, Zeina Gedeon.

Keeping my sights on sex in travel (and by sex I mean gender - it's 2016 and sex in travel has gone the way of commissions. It's a vague memory of wonderful times and under the table consummations). We have a male who should be celebrated for having sprung from a line uteri which reaches to the great Nellie McClung. One of our first Canadian feminists who became a politician, author and social activist. 

We honour these women who pave the way for girls in res to become CEO's. But goodness the asphalt is taking a long time to lay.


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