Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

There’s Money In Them Waters

Holy safety harness, Pumpkins, there is some serious cash being floated in cruising. I think the people running the biz got hold of Trump’s ad budget and decided to put it to better use.

It was recently discovered that Kevin Sheehan, who resigned from NCL last year, was given a parting gift of millions of dollars. Not 2 or 3 million, darhlings. Not even half a dozen million. No. He was given $13.4 million - U.S. - for leaving.

The most I ever got for walking out on a Norwegian was a good paddling and a slap on the bow. 

And then there’s Edie. The woman is competing with herself for the most overboard cruise ship shopping since Onassis courted Jackie. Her latest conquest is a Bondian playground for polar cruising complete with ‘extreme’ toys. (And we’re not just talking battery powered strap-ons, Pumpkins.)

It will also be fitted with dynamic positioning technology (nice touch); computer-controlled systems that automatically maintain your position (impressive) and with its own thrusters (should James get fatigued).

They are calling the Crystal Endeavor the 1st purpose-built Polar Code compliant mega yacht in the world. I don’t really know what that means, but I’m thinking Kevin will have to leave a few more companies before he can afford that kind of bling.

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