Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Smarty Pants Is How Smarty Pants Does

Not that I haven’t been known to stretch the truth, dahrlings. Spin some wool. Rattle a tale. And maybe that 5 star hotel I sold you didn’t have the very best view in Paris. And perhaps that isn’t, strictly speaking, the amplest pitch I’ve seen on a man.

I find these to be forgivable shortcomings on my part, Pumpkins, give or take an inch.

But out and out corruption? Fraud? Embezzlement? And we aren’t even talking about Quebec politics -- we’re talking about travel agents.

Fraud is running rampant in our business, dahrlings. There’s Saskatchewan’s T&T Travel. Hundreds of people paid for flights and hotel rooms which never happened. And Toronto agent Frank Cordona who worked for Tri-World and has been arrested for bilking over 80 people out of travel. This is not nice, people.

Ontario’s TICO is doggedly pursuing the issue, Pumpkins. Head guy Richard Smart is on the case warning business owners to be vigilant, saying “Watch out for those crooked agents.” Sound advice. The man looks like a Sears catalogue model but he is no dummy.

It’s all small potatoes compared with the good old days when there was lots of money in the coffers and devious chaps like Intra Travel’s Brian Crumblehome swindled the company. No one saw that one coming, dahrlings. Then again, that’s how fraud works. You see my point?

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