Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Speaking In Tongues

Today much of Europe is shut down, Pumpkins, because 2000 years ago 12 dudes spontaneously spoke in foreign languages. [For those pagans out there, don't feel bad. Apparently it's Pentecost Monday -- the day when the holy spirit descended upon the apostles. Who knew?]

All I know is that it's a tongue thing and taking the day off to celebrate lingual dexterity works for me, dahrlings.

At first I thought Europe was celebrating Canadian capacity descending on them this summer. Are our own airline men also speaking in tongues? Claiming fiscal responsibility and then adding capacity to Europe like the second coming would be frowned upon in some dinner circles.

Is adding 15% more one-way seats on top of the 7% from last year going too far, Pumpkins? That's 640,000 Canadians crossing over. Don't they have to get back?

Transat has added 8% more capacity. WestJet has deployed wide bodies over the pond. And on the lower case front, rouge is drenching Europe with AC's discarded aircraft.

You don't need the holy spirit to foretell red ink by fall. Just when the dollar was starting to stiffen.

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