Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Scrappy Ways

Well, well, well ... I do love a man with a bit of metal in his moxy, dahrlings. Some pewter in his peter. A speck of brass in his bellicose. But I’m not sure it belongs in the legislature.

Yes, Pumpkins, our little Justin has revealed his pugilistic tendencies are not limited to the ring. Seems that sunny ways have given way to Chretien style choke-hold Liberal pluck. Scrappy ways are here again. The skies above are grey again. Let’s sing a song of fear again.

If you think that's a vague allusion to what’s happening at some of our tour ops, Pumpkins, not at all. I’m sure ACV have their reasons for sacking their "payload whisperer". After all, they are Canadian and, as such, unduly polite - even to their competitors. No doubt they felt Ferrin gave them an unfair advantage over Sunwing and Transat and wanted to level the playing field.

Speaking of which -- our own Toronto mayor John Tory went decidedly un-Canadian in standing up for the Raptors. In response to being dissed in an online CBS poll, Tory told the CBS sports chairman, "We're not the slightest bit offended. In fact, we're accustomed to being underestimated. Just a few days ago LeBron James said he was looking forward to playing the Heat — a team that is now golfing." Adding that "basketball was actually invented by a Canadian. You're welcome!" Ha! Kapow! Take that. And that! 

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