Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Travel Hinterland’s Who’s Who

Toronto’s High Park Zoo recaptures its fugitive Capybara on the same day Mark Linton reemerges in travel insurance. Coincidence, dahrlings?

The capybara
 (of the genus Hydrochoerus) is a social animal known to be gregarious, although sometimes solitary. It lives in forests and near bodies of water, grazing on grass and tree bark.

Mr. Linton (of the genus Exodus RBCus) inhabits a country town on Georgian Bay. Has been known to be sociable and was thought missing since 2012.

His recapture by Australia’s Cover-More Group marks the end of Linton’s country ramble. One can’t help but wonder, readers, if he will miss the taste of freedom. Foraging on the golf course in search of fresh green.  Romping through his woods along the Beaver River, munching on pussywillows.

We understand he will be Head of Sales. Perhaps they don’t use real titles down under like director or vice-president and such. Nonetheless, it could signal the beginning of a predatory period in the insurance kingdom.

In the meantime, poor Turkey keeps trying to assure everyone the country is as safe as fowl on Thanksgiving. And Britain has made a big oopsie on Europe’s carpet. Perhaps we should all run for the hills.

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