Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Pyjama Party

Remember, dahrlings, when airlines roared "I am the fairest because of my great fares!" "No, me! I have perfect seat pitch!" "But I'm much more rewarding after a long ride". And meow it went.

Nowadays, PJ's are where the tread hits the road warrior. Yes, pumpkins, according to reports, the competition over who's got the best flannel is creating a PJ power struggle. One headline readsEmirates and other premium airlines jostle for pyjama supremacy”.

In other pants, Pumpkins, flying in a Virgin onesie is what your corporates long for. (It's also how they can ensure they stay one for the duration of the flight).

How far the mighty have fallen, dahrlings. Gone is the swagger of settling in for a long airborne seduction. Now, visions of a sweligant Emirates lounge soaring through the stratosphere with a bunch of pantywaists sipping warm milk in their bunny slippers fill my nightmares. 

Have I mentioned those things are unisex, dahrlings? The PJ’s. I can’t speak for the road runts. Anyone ever heard of Victoria’s Secret? Perhaps a line of Ivanna's Pyjamas is what's needed. Some frequent travellers have enjoyed slipping into those now and again.


Michael - September 20, 2016 @ 14:09
Where's Ivanna? It's been 5 weeks now! Are you collecting ransom money?

Karenatflair - August 18, 2016 @ 12:08
My husband and I flew in Qantas business class a number of years ago and received 2 piece stretchy PJ's, grey coloured with the Qantas Kangaroo on the front...we called them Qantas prison issue. They did come in handy though because our luggage was lost for 3 days!

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