Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

I Can’t Find My Tribe

GDS company Amadeus has released a ‘whitepaper’ (apparently that’s one word now), the 4th in a series dubbed Amadeus Future Traveller Tribes 2030. Highly sophisticated data-crunchers (I picture hipsters on couches eating kale chips) have identified 6 traveller ‘tribes’ “expected to emerge and rise in prominence by 2030.” 

By learning their characteristics, Pumpkins, you will “find out how you can map traveller tribe behaviours to the different stages of the traveller journey.” Because if you knew that, you could… I don’t know… sell more ITC packages?

If you want the full meal deal you can download the 21 page latest installment here. But if you want the skinny, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve done the work of examining each of the academic descriptions of Amadeus’s traveller tribes and dumbed them down to brief, Internet-age snippets. Here you go – you’re welcome.

 Traveller Tribe                                  Ivanna ID

 Social Capital Seekers                      Narcissists

Obligation Meeters                             Losers

Reward Hunters                                 Self-indulgent             

Ethical Travellers                                Low-tippers

Cultural Purists                                   Snobs

Simplicity Searchers                           Oh bless their little heads


Not seeing my special self in any of these avatars, I called Amadeus, described my attributes effusively and asked for a tribal designation. The guy who answered the phone suggested ‘Flagrantly Useless,’ but said I could easily shorten it to ‘FU.’ You rocked me Amadeus!

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