G Adventures
Day 3


by Tina the Travel Agent

So you’ve booked your Everest Base Camp trek and you’ve done your best to prepare for the enormous mental and physical challenges ahead… Good for you! Here are some small nuggets of wisdom I learned during my time on the trail that I want to share with you. My Base Camp 101, if you will...

Slow & Steady

Slow and steady

1. Slow Down

Never feel pressured to speed up when you’re hiking to Everest Base Camp. Being the fastest is not a reflection of being the fittest at these heights, it has more to do with how your body reacts to altitude. Walk at a pace you’re comfortable with and you’ll be less likely to suffer from nausea or a splitting headache. And don’t always sit down when you take a rest, as this can make it harder to get started up again.

2. Listen to your Chief Experience Officer

Your G Adventures CEO is always on hand to help your Everest experience run smoothly. They are a gold mine of information about the local area, so ask them about the best places to eat and the nicest people to meet.

Tina Resting

Tina resting

3. Traditional Teahouses

If you’re looking for a 5-star resort with a swim-up bar and 18-hole golf course, forget all about the Everest Base Camp experience! This is an authentic once-in-a-lifetime experience and with that comes authentic once-in-a-lifetime accommodation: The Nepali Teahouse.

Some 12 of your 14 nights will be spent in traditional teahouse lodges, small bed-and-breakfast-style hotels that are clean and simple. Throwing yourself into the traditional Nepali Teahouse experience will contribute to your Base Camp trip tremendously.

Most of these iconic teahouses remain fairly rustic. Most of the bathrooms are shared and the toilets can be either squat-type or western style. The majority of teahouses only have cold showers, but a few have hot water available at an additional cost.

Not quite the Ritz, huh? But don’t be deceived because these teahouses are a great place to spend time with the locals and meet fellow trekkers. You’ll break bread with an incredible mix of people from across the globe, all driven by the same dream as you: to make it to Everest Base Camp. So make the most of your teahouse experience and stay warm as you sip on Nepali milk tea and share stories around the bukhara stove each night.

Join Tina tomorrow when she shares some of her favourite highlights from her Everest Base Camp trek.


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