AC Launches New Club For Kids – Altitude Skyriders

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Air Canada has introduced a new program called Air Canada Altitude Skyriders, designed to make flights more exciting and enjoyable for children between the ages of two and 12.

Once parents register their children for free online, children will receive a kit containing a welcome letter, a Skyriders luggage tag and a logbook to chart their flights.

Every time the child travels, he or she will also earn printable badges online to commemorate special milestones or achievements. First flights, new regions or destinations explored all have special meaning, and will be commemorated online. E-mail notifications will be sent once new badges are earned. 

"The Air Canada Altitude Skyriders club will introduce kids to the exciting world of travel, making their journey with Air Canada a memorable experience," said Benjamin Smith, Air Canada President, Passenger Airlines. 

"It's not about points or rewards, it's about making their trip as fun as possible and we hope to nurture and encourage childhood curiosity and create lifelong memories." 

Each flight that a Skyrider takes will be an opportunity to collect stickers to fill their logbooks. Additionally, all children on board will receive, activity books, headphones, backpacks and puzzles, depending on their destination. 


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