Being All At Sea Doesn’t Get You Anywhere

by Vanessa Lee

Happy New Year everyone – I truly hope this is going to be a far better year than 2016. It seems that most of us would agree that we don’t need a year like that again.

So for 2017,  I think it should be “All Hands on Deck” to ensure that we “Go with the Flow” and don’t have to “Batten Down the Hatches”. Likely it should be an imperative that we “Keep an Even Keel”, “Come Hell or High Water” and that “From Stem to Stern” we stick together and, of course, as “All Ships Rise with the Tide” we ensure we take care of each other. Let’s “Make a Splash” and ensure this is not “The Calm Before the Storm”.

I am not really one to make New Year resolutions although I probably should – just like most of us! I don’t believe that a New Year should make you change behaviour or lose weight or do whatever we have all been putting off for so long. I don’t need “ A Shot Across the Bow” on January 1st but when you do get caught between the “Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” I guess it’s time to change things regardless. Many of us can relate to that. And I suspect many of us are wondering what we can or might do differently this year as opposed to last. Some of us might be “Footloose and Fancy Free”, others may feel like “Rats Leaving a Sinking Ship” and more yet may be “Dead in the Water” or perhaps be down “In the Doldrums”. Have faith regardless!

I often “Plumb the Depths”, it’s something I regard as essential as we go through the year. Perhaps at certain times and occasions we need “To Give some Slack” as “Time and Tide Waits for No Man” and being “All at Sea” doesn’t get you anywhere. Introspection and an internal check-up can do wonders.

Focus and diligence are your friends. Nautical sayings are clearly mine! Life can be “Chock-a-Block” with way too much going on, and it’s not ideal to simply find  “Any Port in a Storm” – or be like some of those people who are “Ships Passing in the Night” with no time to stop at a great “Anchorage”, or if necessary, “Man the Lifeboats” if that’s what is required. Be “Unsinkable”. Our travel community needs to come together, be supportive, get “Dressed to the Nines” and get out there on that “Bowsprit” and face any “Strong Headwinds” along with doing a “Deep Six” on all the negativity that may come our way in the pursuit of finding our clients the best vacations possible.

In 2017 we need to “Hit the Deck” and forget the adage “Don’t Rock the Boat” but take “Hot Pursuit” and go after all that you want and need and desire. Don’t sit back in comfort and apathy and just let another year “Roll over You”.

Take charge and  head forward in any direction but do it “As the Crow Flies”, find your “Equilibrium” and make a difference. Create a “Ground Swell” in your own life and of others who come across your path – or your bow! Let us do our best to make things better. Let us celebrate Canada and our 150th Birthday with great pride and understanding. Let us pick up those who have fallen and support those who need our time and our help.

If you missed my end of year message due to the Festive Season - which ran a few days last week in this space - I would ask you to take the time and read it as it was a heartfelt message to many of you who have crossed my path in life over many a year (40 in fact) and I promise to be there for you as you are for me. 

Back to reality now folks – as noted,  “Time and Tide Wait for No Man” – have a great 2017 and I look forward to seeing many of you throughout the year and I send my sincerest thanks to all of you for playing your part in my world.

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