CUN Tense After Shooting Incidents, Hotel Zone Lockdown

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Cancun’s hotel zone was locked down and an Emergency Code Red announced after at least four people were killed when gunmen opened fire at government offices last night.

The incident comes just shortly after 5 people died in a shooting at a music festival in nearby Playa del Carmen.

The latest reports mention that the hotel zone of Cancun and the exit to Playa del Carmen are closed to traffic.

UK newspaper The Guardian reports that the centre of the city was tense on Tuesday night.

Shortly after the gun battle at the prosecutors’ office, a convoy of police trucks descended on the Plaza de las Americas mall – popular with both locals and visitors -- where hundreds of shoppers had fled after people reported hearing gunfire. Soldiers in full battle gear cleared the property, but it appears to have been a false alarm.

Quintana Roo governor Carlos Joaquin says the situation is in hand.

“The state is under control and in order,” Joaquin said, adding that he had arranged with the Interior Ministry to send federal forces to reinforce security. “People from Cancun and our visitors can go about their lives as normal.”


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