WG Awarded Entry Into TSA PreCheck

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Sunwing Airlines is now a member TSA PreCheck, the U.S.’s expedited screening program. Air Canada, its leisure subsidiary AC rouge and WestJet are already members of the program.

Travellers approved under TSA PreCheck can use dedicated screening lanes at 180 airports in the U.S. and enjoy welcome privileges including not having to remove shoes, laptops, liquids, belts or light jackets as they travel through security.

According to TSA statistics for the month of December, 97% of TSA PreCheck program members made it through the expedited screening lane in less than 5 minutes in the month of December.

Sunwing pax who are members of NEXUS or Global Entry are already eligible to participate in the TSA PreCheck program when departing from approved airports. Pax present their Global Entry or NEXUS cards at check-in and are provided with a boarding card denoting their acceptance.

“Delivering an excellent customer experience is of paramount importance to us, and we are extremely pleased to be awarded entry into this program,” said Sunwing Airlines president Mark Williams. “We look forward to working with TSA in continuing to improve travellers’ experience in processing through security, while still maintaining their utmost safety.”

Sunwing says it is upgrading its booking portal to allow customers to enter their details ahead airport arrival to further expedite the process.

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