WS Makes Changes To WestJet Rewards For 2017

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WestJet has launched an enhanced WestJet Rewards program which it says offers a simplified user experience and the ability to for members earn more rewards, faster. 

"We have been continuously working to make WestJet Rewards the best rewards program available to Canadians, and these changes reflect these efforts," said Marshall Wilmot, WestJet Senior Vice-President, Marketing and Digital. 

"As of today, WestJet Rewards has no more anniversary earn-rate resets, no more changing earn rates at different spend levels, three easy-to-understand tiers and lower qualification to the Silver tier."

Updated program highlights are effective immediately and include: 

  • WS flights and vacation packages earn rates tied to tier status at time of flight date.
  • Teal members earn 1% back on flights flown and 0.5% back on vacation packages.
  • Silver members earn three per cent back on flights flown and one per cent back on vacation packages.
  • Gold members earn 5% back on flights flown and 1% back on vacation packages.
  • A simplified structure for Teal, with one set of earn rates on flights and packages.
  • A reduced spend to reach the Silver tier – $1,000 less than the previous requirement.
  • A new priority support phone number, available to Gold members exclusively through the WestJet app.
  • Milestone awards continue to be tied to qualifying flight spend in any qualifying year.

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