AC To Suspend YYZ-IST Flights Indefinitely 1MAR

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Air Canada has announced that it will indefinitely suspend YYZ-IST flights effective 1MAR. Travel to and from Istanbul has been disrupted by a series of terror attacks over the past couple of years, including a bombing at Istanbul Atatürk Airport last June that caused AC to temporarily suspend flights.

More recently, a TK flight from IST to YYZ was evacuated on the ground at IST on 18FEB after a suspicious noted reading “BOMB TO TORONTO” was found in one of the plane’s bathrooms.

Agents with clients scheduled to fly on the AC route after 1MAR will receive a schedule change notification indicating that customers have been re-accommodated on Air Canada over the Atlantic.

Here are the instructions AC has provided for agents with affected clients:


·  You are required to book the connection for your customers for the Europe-Istanbul segment of their itinerary with:

o    Lufthansa, Swiss, Brussels Airlines, or Austrian.

    • Note blackouts apply on the following Lufthansa flight numbers and date ranges:
    • LH 1298/1300/1307: June 30-July 2, 2017/July 14-16, 2017/July 28-29, 2017
    • LH 1300/1304: July 3-7, 2017/July 17-22/2017
    • LH 1299/1301: August 11-15, 2017/August 19-29, 2017/September 2-3, 2017

o    Turkish Airlines or other Air Canada interline partners

·  Please ensure the correct ticketing procedures are followed:

o    Tickets are to be reissued electronically (no paper FIMs)

o    Coupons will show the following in the endorsement box (no reference to schedule change to be included): “INVOL"

o    Re-protection to be rebooked in the lowest fare class available (up toY)

  • If your customers would prefer to book on Turkish Airlines’ direct Toronto-Istanbul or Montreal-Istanbul service, please offer them a refund. Customers will only be re-protected on Air Canada operated flights over the Atlantic.
  • If your customer elects to make an alternative travel choice, you may process a refund for the PNR with the following notes on the PNR:
    • OSI field: OSI AC INVOL
    • Coupons will show the following in the endorsement box: “INVOL"

If your customer is accommodated in a different cabin as a result of the route suspension, please process as outlined in Air Canada’s Schedule Change

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