ACTA Wins Postponement Of IATA PCI DSS Compliance Deadline

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IATA’s Passenger Agency Conference Steering Group (PSG) has announced the postponement of PCI DSS compliance requirements for Canadian travel agents until MAR 2018.

ACTA lobbied for the delay, noting that “activity over the past several weeks identified that complying with the IATA PCI DSS standard by the deadline of 1JUN, 2017 was a serious concern for our members.”

As background, American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International, MasterCard, and Visa are the founding members of the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.

The Council’s mission is to enhance payment card security by fostering broad adoption of the PCI Data Security Standard for merchants and processors handling sensitive payment card information.

All entities that store, process and transmit payment card data are required to adhere to PCI security standards, which are the technical and operational conditions to preserve payment card security. 

As well as requesting a delay for the deadline, ACTA also sought “greater clarity” around PCI Compliance requirements.

“We are very pleased and would like to thank IATA for accommodating our request to extend the deadline and remind our members that this is a postponement, not a cancellation,” ACTA said in a statement

Measures will still need to be taken to ensure that you are compliant before the new deadline of MAR 2018.

ACTA is offering resources including an FAQ  and a JUL webinar to help its members understand the requirements.

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