Active Or Restful? Canadian Vacation Choices

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Based on a worldwide study completed in summer 2016, Canadians are split on the choice between an active and a relaxing vacation.

The GfK survey found that half (50%) of Canadians prefer a relaxing and easy vacation, while four in ten (41%) favour an activity-packed one. Nine per cent aren’t sure, so they’ll probably stay home.

Canadians proved to be more inclined to activity than the global average, where 59% said they preferred a restful vacation.

A gender breakdown of the survey reveals that 53% of Canadian men look forward to a peaceful getaway, while women are almost evenly split with 43% opting for an active holiday, versus 47% for a relaxing one. 

Children have an effect on vacation preferences. 43% of Canadian households with children ages 6 to 12 go on active vacations, compared to 39% of families with no children. 

When comparing age groups,Canadian teens (47%) and those between 20 and 29 years old (48%) favour active vacations. This preference gradually drops to 38% for those in the 50-to-59 and 60+ groups.

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