WS Makes Adjustments Due To YYZ Runway Construction

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In response to ongoing runway resurfacing work at YYZ, WestJet has made adjustments to its schedule to reduce the load on YYZ operations in hopes of minimizing the impact on clients.

WestJet mentioned the impact of the work during its Q1 results call yesterday, citing it as a factor in the high number of IROP (irregular operations) days during the quarter.

The airline says it continues to work with Nav Canada, the GTAA and other airlines to lessen the impact of the runway construction. WS says its operations control center (OCC) is in constant contact with the GTAA and Nav Canada to reduce delays and related operational impacts. 

Runway and taxiway construction has been underway at YYZ since end of MAR 2017 to upgrade the aging infrastructure and ensure continued safe aircraft operations. As one of the largest projects undertaken at YYZ in many years, the upgrade includes removing the existing paved surface, subsurface repair and re-paving. 

Because of high demand during peak periods, unfavourable weather, and adjustments to runway configurations for the construction, YYZ operations have been significantly impacted over the past several weeks, resulting in flight delays and cancellations. 

Clients are encouraged to check the status of their flight to be informed of any changes. WestJet says agents should include client contact information on their booking so WS can keep them informed of any changes to their flights. 

The good news: construction is scheduled to be completed by 16MAY. 

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