MeritBiz Launches New Traveller App

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Canadian-based TMC MeritBiz has launched a new travel app for iPhone and Android devices. Self-titled MeritBiz, the add promises to deliver “best in class itinerary management and duty of care solutions.

A suite of features is centred around four key principles: traveller support, itinerary management, communication, and duty of care.

Using the app, clients will be able to access detailed city maps with restaurants and points of interest, without the requirement of mobile data. They’ll also be able to manage expenses, store their travel documents and embed other pertinent travel information from other apps like Uber and OpenTable.

Duty of care benefits include interactive emergency messaging, advanced traveller tracking by live agents and targeted disaster response.

The app also performs key communication functions that allow the user to not only share their itinerary, but engage in direct messaging with a MeritBiz Travel Consultant 24/7.

Itinerary management features enable trip saving, provide a traveller tool box, and send push notifications for gate changes and delays. It also offers mobile booking with policy integration built-in, so users are only offered hotels and options aligned with a corporate account’s minimum standard of quality.

“Business travel is very fast paced, so planning, flexibility, and safety are paramount,” says Dirk Baerts, President, MeritBiz. 

 “We wanted to provide our clients with tools to simplify their travels, so they can focus on the reason for their trip, and not have to worry about administrative travel tasks. However, we know that simplifying travel processes is just not enough. That’s why the app’s value is not only in the features that organize traveller itineraries, but also the safety features such as traveller tracking. Bridging the gap between technology and service, the app connects travellers to their coworkers, their business offices, and to our agents.”

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