Quebec Agent Wins Trademark For ‘Voyages à Rabais’

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Sylvie Myre

Sylvie Myre, President of Voyages à Rabais', has announced that after years of fighting for it, her company has been granted a registration by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office for exclusive right of use of ‘Voyages à Rabais’ – ‘discount travel’ in English. The trademark is the name of the business.

Myre says that as a result, her customers are assured that their travel purchase is made with the official travel agency "Voyages à Rabais" and not with any other agency using the terms 'discount travel' for promotional purposes.

"We are extremely proud of this announcement. Our values of transparency and professionalism have compelled us to complete this laborious process,” Myre said.

“On a number of occasions, customers came to us with questions saying they bought from us when they did not. As an entrepreneur, I built the reputation of my organization by offering a high quality personalized service with very competitive prices. The situation that prevailed worried me. I was well aware that it was confusing to consumers.”

In June 2008, the Trois-Rivières company obtained certification of the trademark While this was proof of the company's unique identity, Myre says competitors could still be tempted to use the term "discount travel" to identify their products within promotional content and advertising campaigns.

She says that with the recognition of the Registrar of Trade-marks, the use of an expression identical with or similar to her brand to advertise products or services will constitute an act of “counterfeiting and misleading marketing.”

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