Strike At The Tourist Office Of Spain In Canada

Open Jaw

Employees of the Tourist Office of Spain in Toronto have announced a strike to take place on 14-15JUN. 

Workers say they are protesting against a dramatic salary inequity situation and conditions that do not meet Canadian labour standards.

The Tourist Office says that salaries have been frozen for almost a decade; a sharp contrast compared to the increases seen by officials of the Government of Spain this year alone, as well as the image of Spain as a modern and fair country.

Employees feel they are not being treated fairly by the Spanish Administration, which they claim has not taken any action to protect employee rights for decent pay.

The Spanish Worker´s union says it hopes to receive a proposal for salary recovery soon by the Public Service. If the Spanish Administration does not comply, the Worker’s union says it will extend the strike to all North American offices and will call for an indefinite strike through the whole Foreign Service.

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