WS Winter Sked Shows Confidence Returning To AB, West

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Brian Znotins

WS was forced to cut flights from its home base in Alberta when oil prices took a deep dive. But while full recovery is still a work in progress, analysts are predicting the province will lead the nation in GDP growth this year, and the airline is responding with a significant capacity boost.

In fact, the newly announced seasonal schedule for winter 2017-2018 will see the carrier offering more flights from AB than ever before.

"We will be bigger (in Alberta) than before we scaled back our capacity," said Brian Znotins, VP of network planning, alliances and corporate development, in an interview with Postmedia.

New routes from Calgary to Belize and Edmonton and Vancouver to Huatulco are among the Western Canada highlights of the new WS sked.

New non-stop weekly service between YYC and BZE will launch 3NOV. The schedule is as follows: 

The YEG-HUX non-stop weekly service will launch 2NOV. The details:


WestJet's new non-stop service between YVR and HUX are as follows:

 The winter schedule includes significant expansion from Western gateways, including 52 additional weekly flights from YYC, 43 from YVR, 24 from YEG and expanded service from YLW.

"As the carrier with more flights from Calgary International Airport than any other, we have designed our Calgary flight schedules to deliver 55% more connecting itineraries which will help to launch new flights in future seasons and further expand our presence in YYC – a key driver in economic and employment growth in the city," said Znotins.

 Increased frequencies from YYC include:

·      YYC-YVR, from 90 to 97 times weekly (15 times each business day), more than any other carrier. 

·      YYC-YYZ, from 58 to 68 times weekly, (10 times each business day), more than any other carrier. 

·      YYC-YMM, from four to five times each business day. 

·      YYC-YLW, from six to seven times each business day, more than any other carrier. 

·      YYC-YBR, from 10 to 12 times weekly. 

·      YYC-YQU, 19 to 26 times weekly. 

·      YYC-YKF, from five to seven times weekly. 

·      YYC-LAX, from 11 to 14 times weekly. 

·      YYC-PHX, from 19 to 20 times weekly. 

·      YYC-PSP, from 18 to 20 times weekly. 

·      YYC-CUN, from 14 to 16 times weekly. 

·      YYC-SJD, from seven to eight times weekly.

 Increased frequencies from YVR include:

·      YVR-YMM, from five to six times weekly.

·      YVR-YEG, from 55 to 58 times weekly (nine times each business day).

·      YVR-YYC, from 90 to 98 times weekly (15 times each business day), more than any other carrier.

·      YVR-YXJ, from seven to 12 times weekly.

·      YVR-PVR, from seven to eight times weekly.

·      YVR-CUN, from six to seven times weekly.

Increased frequencies from YEG include:

 "WestJet will increase service from Edmonton by 24 weekly flights this winter," said Znotins. "As the carrier providing more service from Edmonton International Airport than any other, WestJet is committed to providing new destinations and routes, more convenient connections and more opportunities for Edmontonians and Northern Albertans to access WestJet's low fares, growing network and friendly, caring service."  

YEG enhancements also include more frequencies to Abbotsford and Victoria.

Increased frequencies from YLW include:

WS also announced more flights between Kelowna and Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto, launching in NOV as follows:

·      YLW-YEG, from four to six times daily (continued from summer 2017), more than any other carrier.

·      YLW-YYC, from 44 to 47 times weekly (seven times each business day), more than any other carrier.

·      YLW-YYZ, from five to seven times weekly.

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