Goodbye NewLeaf, Hello Flair Airlines

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

NewLeaf Travel Company has been renamed Flair Airlines. The news follows the 7JUN announcement of the acquisition of NewLeaf Travel Company’s assets by YLW-based Flair Airlines.

The news comes on the one-year anniversary of when Flair and NewLeaf launched their first flights in Canada.

“We are starting a new chapter in the airline industry. Today we celebrate a significant milestone of successfully reaching our one-year mark, and we are excited to now move forward with a new brand that better reflects who we are as one unified company,” stated Chris Lapointe VP, Commercial Operations, Flair Airlines.

During its first year, the ‘ultra-low-cost carrer’ flew 320,000 passengers and completed more than 2600 flights.

According to a statement, “Flair Airlines will continue to provide Canadians with the most affordable air travel options available and has plans to expand its route network over the coming weeks.”

NewLeaf did not work with the retail travel industry, despite initially suggesting that would be the case. Could that possibly change under new management?

“We are focused on growing not only our destination list,” said Lapointe, “but are also widening our view of the travel industry as a whole. We look forward to sharing more information regarding these offerings in the coming weeks.”

Bruce Parkinson

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