TS Unwraps 2018 Transatlantic Program With Longer Season

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Air Transat has announced its 2018 transatlantic program, with highlights including a longer season and increased use of Airbus A330 aircraft.

TS says it has responded to customer demand by increasing the number of direct flights to the UK, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Croatia, the Netherlands, Belgium and the Czech Republic.

The carrier will offer direct service to a total of 27 European destinations, accessible from many major Canadian cities via its feeder flights program.

It is also giving customers more flexibility by moving up the start dates of its flights by a few weeks, for those eager to go on a spring getaway, as well as extending the season further into fall. 

“Air Transat has been proudly helping Canadians explore Europe for 30 years now, and in summer 2018 we’ll be giving even more of them the opportunity to do so, thanks notably to increased use of Airbus A330 aircraft on these routes,” explains Annick Guérard, President and General Manager, Transat Tours Canada.

Increased service to UK, France and Med destinations

TS is strengthening supply to the United Kingdom and France, with several flights per week to a wide variety of cities.

Pax flying to Glasgow, Manchester, Amsterdam, Dublin, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Brussels, Lisbon, Malaga, Madrid, Prague, Rome, and Barcelona will benefit from increased use of Airbus A330 aircraft next spring, with benefits including personalized inflight entertainment options on individual touchscreens.

With the TS multi-destination flight option, travellers can land in one European city and take off from another, at no extra charge.

Air Transat’s enriched France program now includes return flights from YQB to Paris, 4X-weekly. Canada’s major metropolises are well served as well, with the following scheduled flights to Paris: YUL (13X-weekly), YYZ (5X-weekly) and YVR (three flights weekly).

The major vacation player on the French market, TS will once again offer direct flights from YUL to major cities in France including Marseille (5 direct flights weekly), Lyon (4 direct flights weekly) and Toulouse (3 direct flights weekly), along with Nantes, Bordeaux and Nice (2 direct flights weekly to each city).

The United Kingdom will be within easy reach YYZ, with direct flights to London (9/week), Glasgow and Manchester (5/week each) and Birmingham (once a week). The British capital will be accessible via YUL as well, with three flights weekly.

Service is being increased to Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal, Mediterranean destinations popular for both short- and long-stay travel as well as cruise options, with frequency boosted on the following routes: 

  • YUL–ATH (three direct flights weekly);
  • YUL–VCE (three direct flights weekly);
  • YUL–BCN (five direct flights weekly);
  • YUL–MAD (two direct flights weekly);
  •  YUL–AGPa (two direct flights weekly);
  • YUL–OPO (two direct flights weekly);
  • YUL–LIS (four direct flights weekly);
  • YYZ–ATH (three direct flights weekly);
  • YYZ–LIS (four direct flights weekly).


Central Europe & Middle East still in spotlight

For Canadians looking to explore Central Europe, TS will maintain its Toronto–Zagreb and Montreal–Prague city pairs, with 2X-weekly flights. And following a successful summer 2017 launch, service to Tel Aviv will continue as well, with two direct flights per week from Montreal, enriched by a weekly feeder flight out of Toronto.

Feeder flights continue

TS’s feeder flights program, introduced three years ago, is being maintained, making a wider choice of Europe destinations available to travellers from across Canada.  

  • 6 flights a week between YUL and YYZ;
  • 6 flights a week between YVR and YYZ;
  • 5 flights a week between YYC and YYZ;
  • 3 flights a week between YVR and YUL;
  • 2 flights a week between YQB and YUL.
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