Vision Travel, Direct Travel & ATPI Form Global TMC

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

U.S.-based Direct Travel, which acquired Vision Travel earlier this year, has joined forces with fellow TMC ATPI to form Direct ATPI Global Travel. The deal includes “reciprocal, equal investments” between the two companies. 

The new entity says the move “creates a global organization with a value-centric focus on providing flexible corporate travel solutions to mid-market corporations with a presence in North America and elsewhere in the world.” 

“Direct ATPI Global Travel is perfectly aligned to service any company that requires scalable, personal service on a multinational basis in North America and the rest of the world,” says Ed Adams, CEO of Direct Travel. 

“We are committed to delivering high-end flexible solutions to mid-market clients and believe this new organization accelerates our global growth strategy and underscores our commitment to deliver innovative and differentiated services to clients in our respective markets,” he added.

Together, Vision Travel, Direct Travel and ATPI represent over $7 billion in sales, with 160+ locations in more than 50 countries, and draw upon over 4,500 team members worldwide to service clients.

A joint governing board and leadership structure has already begun coordinating the day-to-day operations. Vision Travel President (Ontario-West) Brian Robertson will sit on this board. 

Direct Travel will continue to operate under its existing brand in the U.S., and Vision Travel will similarly operate in Canada under its existing brand. Vision Travel, which joined forces with Direct Travel earlier this year, will continue under the leadership of Robertson and Joel Ostrov. ATPI will operate as such in its global locations and continue to run its specialized Sports Events and Energy and Shipping divisions separately.   

“The combination of Direct Travel and ATPI makes sense for our business,” says Robertson. “It means providing better opportunities for clients to consolidate travel between the North American market and the rest of the world – balancing local expertise with the benefits of global economies of scale.”

Joel Ostrov, President, Vision Travel (Quebec East), added: “We are excited about what this means for our clients,” says. “It provides them with the benefits of increased buying power and more choice across a single organization, together with technology expertise and insights from all over the world.”

Bruce Parkinson

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