Details Released On Club Med’s 1st Canadian Resort

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Le Massif de Charlevoix

As reported on Open Jaw yesterday, the pioneer of all-inclusive resorts is returning to the North American ski market with the creation of its first-ever Canadian property, a four-season mountain resort at Le Massif, Quebec.

Daniel Gauthier, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Groupe Le Massif, and Xavier Mufraggi, President and CEO, Club Med North America, announced the project at a press conference.

“Club Med is a world-recognized symbol, promoting an active lifestyle, family and well-being. With shared values, the partnership between Club Med and Le Massif, Charlevoix, is one of authenticity,” said Gauthier.

“It’s often said that you’ll only ever find a Club Med resort in the most beautiful places in the world. Charlevoix doesn’t need to have a Club Med to be included on this select list. That said, it is an honour and privilege to be amongst those creating worldwide awareness for this spectacular part of the country,” Club Med’s Mufraggi said.

The project represents a $120 million investment with the objective of developing 300 rooms including 4-Trident Club and Deluxe-level rooms with a 5-Trident luxury space. The resort is scheduled to open by the end of 2020, and aims to be “a haven for family and couple getaways as well as ideal for groups, with spaces provided to accommodate seminars and events.”

Club Med will bring its all-inclusive mountain vacation model to the heart of an already renowned ski region situated at the highest point in Eastern Canada, including a ski experience with waterfront views overlooking the Saint Lawrence River.

“Club Med is the world leader in all-inclusive mountain hotels and resorts. With more than 20 sites already established in France, Italy, Switzerland, Japan and China counting for more than 6,000 rooms, we’re excited to add Canada (and specifically Quebec) to the list,” Mufraggi said.

“Each season will reveal the wonders of this natural site, offering an international clientele a place of beauty to discover. Also, this project serves as a strategic symbol of rapid growth around the world for Club Med, with fifteen openings taking place through 2019, representing one to two mountain resorts openings per year.”

This project forecasts the creation of 325 direct and 400 indirect jobs. The construction of the hotel will generate nearly 700 jobs. 

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