TravelBrands Releases Three New Brochures

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TravelBrands has just announced the release of three new brochures: Experiences by TravelBrands, Europe, and Exotik Journeys.


Experiences by TravelBrands is the latest installment from the company and features custom experiences such as Michelin-star dining, historic castles, personal butlers, top-rated hotels, and more. Additionally, the brochure features three new collections: culinary, health & wellness and Lujure Villas.


In the latest edition of the Europe brochure, TravelBrands highlights multi-destination trips, long and short stays, and flexible travel options. Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Athens, Greece, are new additions this year, and are featured alongside a variety of property choices, tours and excursions, airline options, and car rentals.


The newly released Exotik Journeys brochure showcases specialty travel in exotic destinations such as Australia, Africa, South America, Europe and Asia.


“As the most comprehensive one-stop shop in the travel industry, we pride ourselves on offering Canadians diverse travel options,” said Frank DeMarinis, president & CEO, TravelBrands. “From Canada to Tahiti, Barbados to Tuscany and many destinations in between, these brochures provide travel experiences that are truly one-of-a-kind.”


Physical copies of each brochure will be distributed nationwide; digital copies are available for download now at

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