TravelBrands Launches Latest Agent Appreciation Events

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TravelBrands has launched its latest round of Agent Appreciation Events, the first of which took place in Ottawa on 9APR, with the remaining shows running until 17APR in Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.

“These events are a great way to show all the new and exciting things that are happening at TravelBrands,” said Frank DeMarinis, president & CEO, TravelBrands. “We have updated many aspects of our organization to support our goals of helping agents work smarter, not harder. I can’t believe the support shown at our Ottawa show and am looking forward to the rest of our events throughout Canada.”

The events showcase the company’s latest updates, including the changes at Intair, the ‘new’ Exotik Journeys, what’s new at Sunquest, Experiences by TravelBrands, Lujure, Access and Cruise. Highlights include:

  • To celebrate the updated Exotik Journeys branding, agents can receive 15 percent commission on all products booked from 1APR until 30APR for travel at any time;
  • Updates to Sunquest include the ability for travellers to “stay longer for less”, odd durations and a choice of up to three airlines;
  • The newly released Experiences by TravelBrands brochure features 10 specialized collections, including the newly added Culinary, Health & Wellness and Lujure Villas collections;
  • The Access platform has been redesigned to “help agents work smarter” with a new design for better flow and ease of navigation, with the ability now to search by landmark or hotel. Travel agents can also preview sales emails, with the option of sending up to six hotels and activities to clients.


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