Voyages À La Carte Says Air Consolidation Deserves Higher Profile

Kerry Sharpe, Open Jaw

Ryan Saroli

Quebec-based Voyages à la Carte CEO Ryan Saroli says air consolidation hasn’t been given its due time in the spotlight like other product categories. 

“Travel is currently, and over the next few years, going through a major technology shift that will dramatically impact how we sell travel,” Saroli says.

“What is enticing about air consolidation is exactly what makes the travel industry enticing today – the focus on experiential travel such as FIT (of which air is a major component) and the fact that travel agents have the freedom to control their own costing model. They have complete power to make it their own and that means they can show their highest value to their clients.”

Voyages à la Carte acquired Alio Tours in 2014, making it a major player in the Canadian consolidation market. Now the company is launching a new digital platform named Agencia Global. 

“We consider ourselves a technology company first, which is much needed in today’s travel industry when you’re asking travel agents to compete in an increasingly digital world,” said Saroli. “As the largest-volume air consolidator in Canada, we’re able to help travel agents reap the benefits that come with that prime position – the lowest prices and no fees, chief among them.”

The company says its goal is to “let travel agents know that we're here to take their air business to new heights with this unique tool and model that we've built.” 

 Saroli and his team are touring Canada and the U.S. in the coming months to showcase Agencia Global to the industry, including a stop at Travel MarketPlace in Toronto (22-23MAY). 

Kerry Sharpe

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