Transat Winter: Return To SXM, SJO, More Domestic Connectors

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Transat COO Annick Guérard

Air Transat has unveiled its flight program for winter 2018–2019, offering a choice of 34 Sun destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America as well as Florida, along with a more diversified selection of European cities. TS will also return to Saint-Martin/St-Maarten and San Juan, Puerto Rico from YYZ and YUL. Both destinations are embarkation ports for Transat's all-in-one cruise packages.

"As the Canadian leader in holiday travel, Air Transat continually strives to offer travellers more destinations and more flexibility, which is why we are significantly boosting frequency on our domestic routes, the vast majority of which will allow travellers to make connections to a larger number of South and Europe destinations," says Annick Guérard, Chief Operating Officer, Transat. 

"Winter 2018–2019 also marks the start of a transitional period in our operations, namely our fleet upgrades, which will see us introduce gradually this winter the shorter-range Airbus A321s, and then later, in MAY 2019, the newer A321neo LR.”

More Sun

Canadian favourites are getting more lift, with extra flights to Cancún departing from YVR, YEG, YYC, YYZ, YHM, YUL and YQB. Vancouver residents will enjoy daily connections to Puerto Vallarta, and more flights to the Pacific resort destination will be available to Edmonton-area travellers. The Dominican Republic is also prominent in the program, with flights added out of YYZ, YUL, YOW and YHZ to Punta Cana. 

With the beaches of Florida enjoying a resurgence in popularity, TS is boosting direct flights to Fort Lauderdale from YYZ, YUL, YQB and YHZ, as well as to Tampa out of YYZ. 

From major Canadian cities, a total of 29 weekly flights will be offered to Florida. Transat offers several all-in-one cruise package itineraries sailing from Fort Lauderdale, Tampa and Miami. 

In recent years, Costa Rica has emerged as an increasingly popular tourism destination, and TS is responding by adding more direct flights from YYZ to San José and Liberia. The carrier is also boosting its number of direct flights from YUL to Cartageña and Fort-de-France, Martinique. 

For growing numbers of Canadians, a winter escape is now synonymous with Portugal or Spain. Accordingly, TS is increasing capacity on its Lisbon and Porto routes out of both YYZ and YUL, as well as to Málaga, Spain out of YUL.

More Europe

TS also remains dedicated to offering Canadians year-round travel to Europe, with its popular daily direct flights from YUL to Paris, France, and from YYZ to London in the UK, as well as frequent flights to Manchester and Glasgow.

More Domestic Connectors

This winter, Air Transat will expand its program of domestic flights, connecting many of Canada's largest cities and opening up a wider choice of Sun and transatlantic destinations to travellers in those markets. 

The carrier is strongly developing its offer in Western Canada's largest cities – YVR, YYC and YEG -- to YYZ and YUL, which significantly increases the number of South and Europe destinations available as well as the number of flights departing Western Canada. There will also be more flights between Montreal and Toronto, providing more flexibility to passengers looking to travel to a larger number of European destinations.

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